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Heroes From Our Mis-spent Youth

These are the Cowboys who kindled our imaginations and filled our fantasies since we were mere crumb crunchers -- before books and facts unmasked historic reality. See if you can guess who these stars of stage, screen and comic books are, without peeking at the answers on the bottom of the page. I'll even toss in a few freebies by using some pictures with names already on them.

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Hollywood Shootists
John Wayne
Lone Ranger & Tonto
Roy Rogers & Trigger Hopalong Cassidy
Tom Mix Gabby Hayes
Johnny Mack Brown
Gene Autry
Hoot Gibson
Rocky Lane
Tex Ritter
Lash LaRue
Bob Steele
Sunset Carson
Crash Corrigan
Chuck Connors James Arness
The Cartwrights

First Row:
John Wayne, Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore) & Tonto (Jay Silverheels), Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy.
Second Row:
Gene Autry, Tom Mix, Gabby Hayes, Johnny Mack Brown
Third Row:
Hoot Gibson, Tex Ritter, Allan 'Rocky' Lane
Fourth Row:
Sunset Carson, Lash LaRue, Bob Steele, 'Crash' Corrigan
Fifth Row:
The Cartwrights (Bonanza), Chuck Connors (The Rifleman), James Arness (Gunsmoke)

Let's See How You Rated:
18 right = You're a Gunslinger
15 -> 17 right = Potential Trail Boss
12 -> 14 right = Sneaky Saloon Gambler
9 -> 11 right = A real City Slicker
Fewer than 9 = Just a Bull Slinger

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