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Our Forefathers -- and Mothers

This is a page devoted to shootists of the past from both sides of the law. Some twirled their moustaches, some their six-guns. Whatever else history says they were, they were Americans all and represent a thread in the fabric of who we are today. Each picture is also a link to historical information.

Bat Masterson
The Wild Bunch John Wesley Hardin
Doc Holliday-1879
Wild Bill Hickok
Dodge City Peace Commission
Doc Holliday - 1872
Billy The Kid
Laura Bullion-1893
Bill Tilghman - Lawman
Sundance Kid and Etta Place
Johnny Ringo
Texas John Slaughter
Annie Oakley
Elfego Baca
Seth Bullock
Ed Schieffelin-Founder of Tombstone, AZ
Judge Roy Bean
Judge Roy Bean's Saloon
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