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What's This Cowboy Thing?

Cowboy Action Shooting is a sport demanding skill in a number of different disciplines. Contestants compete by shooting at various types of steel targets, for both speed and accuracy, using firearms typical of those employed in the taming of The American West.

One of the unique aspects of Cowboy Action Shooting is the requirement to wear period dress. Each participant must adopt a shooting persona befitting a character or profession of the late 19th century, developing an appropriate costume and shooting alias. It's all aimed at preserving and promoting the spirit and tradition of the Old West.

Western Gunfighters Shooting

Here's A Typical Scenario

You signed on to be the cook on a trail drive. One evening, just as you're about to serve up some grub for the boys, you ring the dinner bell as you see them headed in. The trouble is, it's not the boys from the trail drive...rather it's The Dewey Gang, looking for a free meal and some extra horses!

Not willing to part with either your dinner or your trusty steeds, you grab your double-barrel shotgun and fire off 4 rounds. As the gang heads for the chuck wagon you let loose with 10 from you single action revolvers, missing everyone. As they head down the trail, you followup with 8 shots from your 1873 lever-action rifle just to make sure they got the message.

Old West Miner with Rifle
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